Radio equipment for microwave EME

Sipoo EME Racing Team, OH2AXH, QRV on 24 GHz:

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- block diagram of the 24 GHz EME rig (13k) at OH2AXH

- this rig is now mounted onto a 3 m dish (61k) having better surface accuracy (more info below):

- sun/cold sky noise currently 14 dB under clear sky conditions with this 3 m dish

- ground/cold sky (at 15 degrees C) noise 3 dB under clear sky conditions (3 m dish)

- moon/cold sky noise 2 dB under CS conditions, clearly audible (3 m dish)

- a view of the 3 m dish (69k) with the lower band 6.4 m dish rear in the background

- rear view (88k) of the 3 m dish, pedestal and elevation/azimuth scales

- the entire 24 GHz transverter (104k) is situated at the 3 m dish feed

- here is a view of the rig and feed (50k) mounted onto the new 3 m dish

- and here is a view of the same from a slightly different (47k) angle

- as you can see, the 24 GHz feed horn (39k) is quite a bit smaller than the Ku-band support it is in !

- a closeup view of the matching section (34k)between the feed horn and TR relay

- a photo of a modified 23 GHz BPF (31k) and two home brew G3JVL type triple cavity BPF's

PREVIOUS 6.4 M DISH EXPERIMENTS and some further details of 24 GHz transverter:

- the 24 GHz transverter (47k) and VE4MA feedhorn at the 6.4 m dish focal point

- front view of the VE4MA feedhorn (33k) on the 6.4 m dish

- closeup view of the feedhorn and waveguide taper (34k) for conversion from WG42 to circular

- to give an idea of the size, here is a Finnish Markka (45k) for comparison

- a slightly different viewing angle of the feedhorn (39k) system

- closeup front view of the feedhorn aperture (53k)

- a slightly different angle of feedhorn aperture (43k) and scalar choke

- a view of the 24 GHz EME rig (61k) mounted onto the 6.4 m dish (4.5 m solid surface)

- overall view of the transverter (61k) module

- the DB6NT bilateral balanced harmonic mixer (52k) module

- a photo of the waveguide relay (56k) with LNA and SSPA modules attached

- photo of the waveguide relay (55k) from a different angle

- the DB6NT low noise amplifier (49k) module attached directly to the WG relay

- the three stage intermediate power amplifier 1 (55k) with 6 dB pad

- the DB6NT intermediate power amplifier 2 (49k) after the waveguide attenuator

- photo of the surplus adjustable 23 GHz waveguide attenuator (42k)

- modified surplus waveguide bandpass filter (50k) between mixer and TR-circulator for LO and image response rejection

- the DB6NT 0.3 W GaAs-FET power amplifier (57k) with WG coupling to the TR switch

- a photo of the surplus isolator (45k) used for matching and a 90 degree WG42 bend

- a photo of the surplus circulator (53k) used for TR switching and homebrew WG42/SMA adapter

- with the 6.4 m dish the sun/cold sky noise about 12 dB

- moon/cold sky noise about 1 dB (6.4 m dish)

- 700 mW power amplifier to be added soon

Equipment I built for Finnish firsts:

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- first contact via EME from Finland on 10.4 GHz from OH2AXH

- first contact via EME from Finland on 5.7 GHz from OH2AXH

- first contact via EME from Finland on 3.4 GHz from OH2AXH

- we (OH2MOH & OH2Z) plan to use this 4m dish (87k) for microwave EME (using above equipment), SETI and tropo

- this equipment is now somewhat modified for use on my 3 m dish (73k) from 1964 ;-)

- working on modifying 400 W C band (70k) and 300 W Ku band (61k) TWT's for use on this dish

- some notes on circular polarisation in Finnish

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Updated 06.04.2002