Page devoted to JA1ATI's millimetre wave projects !

Masa has built excellent equipment for 24, 47 and 76 GHz:

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- Masa is active on 47 and 76 GHz using SSB and narrow band FM

- his 47 GHz marker generator (26k) is based on easily available 12.8 MHz TCXO's

- here is the block diagram (6k) of the 47 GHz marker source

- here is a photo of his 4.4 mW Test Source (35k) using an YIG oscillator and diode multiplier

- this is a photo of the 35 cm Cassegrain fed parabolic dish (31k) and downconverter for 76 GHz

- and here is a closer view of the Dual Mode horn feed (27k) in front of the hyperboloid subreflector

- and here is Masa's plot of the 76 GHz Dual Mode (34k) IMU feedhorn

- close in plot of the dual mode horn main lobe for illumination (36k) (measured horn on the left)

- the 35 cm dish is doing an excellent job as you can see from the measured radiation pattern (38k).

- the 76 GHz antenna has a 0.7 degree -3 dB beamwidth (37k)with 45.7 dBi of gain, the first sidelobe is 16 dB down

- multiplying Masa's 9.3 GHz PLL-DRO by two and using a subharmonic mixer, he gets -25 dBm of transmit power !

- stability is good enough for SSB (1.2 GHz IF) using a 100 MHz TCXO and a total multiplication factor of 744 !

- for 47 GHz (66k) Masa is using a 11.455 GHz PLL DRO (6k) with a 114.55 MHz TCXO and a subharmonic diode mixer

- on transmit, the signal is amplified with a Tunnel Diode Amplifier (49k) to a level of 15 mW

- the -3 dB beamwidth of the 47 GHz antenna is 1.2 degrees with 40.1 dBi of gain

performance of the TD Amplifier:

JA1ATI (quasi-optical) lense experiments at 76 GHz:

Details of Masa's 24 GHz dish feed:

Details of Masa's 47 GHz dish feed:

Details of Masa's 76 GHz dish feed:

Here are some details of Masa's 47 GHz Bandpass Filter:

Here is some info on a surplus 13 -> 39 GHz active tripler:

Some more info on a modified commercial 76 GHz tripler:

Masa's AMSAT OSCAR 40 receiver for 24 GHz:

Here is an excellent design by Masa for AO-40 K band reception: An LHCP feed for 24 GHz

And Masa's LHCP waveguide feed design using an adjustable delay line with screws for AO-40 K band

Here you may find the JA1ATI "IMU" dual mode design for 24 GHz:

Masa and friends have been very busy testing their millimetre wave band equipment:

Here is some data on JA1ATI's experimental tapered helical waveguide launcher for 24 GHz:

Masa's 24 GHz kitchenware antenna !

JA1ATI LASER optical communications experiments

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