Project Obelix

This article is intended to be a memo on the Obelix Project. Basically this is to materialize as a sun tracking radio telescope with the solar flux being fed to a public internet server for the benefit of radio amateurs and amateur scientists. The concept is still in the design and planning phase, but as you can see, the critical mechanical hardware already exists; this is a obsolete Inmarsat B terminal that has been decommissioned. Most fortunately this particular unit has never actually been to sea, rather it has stood on terra firma for evaluation and engineering purposes, thus being saved from the salinity and vibratory challenges the environment would have posed on board a sea-fairing vessel. The Obelix Solar Radio Telescope design implementation will the the B.Sc.(E.E.) engineering thesis subject of Mr. Pasi Suhonen.

Brief notes on Project Obelix:

Created Michael Fletcher 02.03.2012

Updated Michael Fletcher 18.08.2019