Analogue FM ATV stuff

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- repaired my old faithful Rohde & Schwarz VSA, photo of the waveform display and a photo of the vectorscope display (25.04.2016)

- notes on modifying the XRF187S FET transistor from 950 MHz to 1.3 GHz

- an article (in Finnish) about adding NICAM digital audio to analogue FM Amateur Television for the microwave bands

- the OH2RTE ATV repeater subpage (in Finnish)

- had some ideas of adding an junkbox optical receiver (25k) to the OH2RTE Amateur Television Repeater of OH2HKE

- an article (in Finnish) about FM-ATV over LASER experiments I did recently (now working on adding almost linear, digital NICAM sound too)

- here is a drawing (93k) of my favourite 1.3 GHz ATV antenna

- front view of my larger 10 GHz system (88k) I built for using mostly with OH2RTE

- here is screenshot (78k) of the OH2RTE computer generated "Philips" test chart

- user interface (56k) of the 700 mW 10470 MHz DRO stabilized FM ATV transmitter

- and an overall (80k) operators position view of the 60 cm dish setup

- FM allows excellent (54k) video quality (old valve TEK 529)

- FuBK (14k) test image (ancient Fese equipment, about 1 cubic meter !) on 24 GHz FM ATV

- a cheap omnidirection 5.7 GHz ATV antenna

- one of my homebrew FM ATV (37k) receivers, this one based on an old Salora tuner

- this is a photo of a 50 W 1.3 GHz FM ATV transmitter and receiver package (68k) I built for our OH2Z group

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Updated 13.01.2019