My portable 76 GHz station...

E band experiments and projects:

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- crystal controlled subharmonic mixer based transverter for SSB/CW/NBFM, built from surplus junk ;-)

- First two way 76 GHz narrowband ham contact in Finland with OH1KHH/P on 19.04.2001 !!!  (OH1KHH Silent Key 16.07.2004)

- best DX so far about 1 km with 52/54 raports on SSB on 21.04.2001

- the signals carried an intriguing flutter and fading during the test - very interesting band ;-)

- portrait (98k) of Ilkka and myself alongside our current 76 GHz equipment (photo OH2NC -tnx !)

- this is what SSB from OH1KHH/P sounded (162k) like

- and this is what my own SSB sounds (94k) like on my hamshack test bench

- photo of myself (81k) and my 76 GHz experimental rig during a field test (photo OH2NC)

- block diagram of the transverter here (11k)

- photo with description of modules (136k) implemented in this experimental version

- close-in spectrum analyser plot (10k) of the LO with 10 kHz span (uncalibrated level)

- 500 kHz span plot (10k) of the LO signal at 75888 MHz (nominal, still off by about 300 kHz, level uncal.)

- spectrum analyser plot (10k) of 76032 output carrier (CW, level uncalibrated)

- overall photograph of my homebrew 76032 MHz transverter (129k) on tripod during portable testing

- front view (92k) of the transverter with my 355 mm 45.7 dBi Cassegrain dish made by JA1ATI

- closer view (61kb) of the "field serviceable" 76 GHz transverter modules

- overhead view (93k) of the modules: TCXO, 12 GHz multiplier chain, 38 GHz tripler, regulation, RF-VOX, IF preamp etc.

- feasability study and beginning experiments on EER/PLL-SSB for 75/120 GHz

- Considering an SSB tripler (43k) to 76.032 GHz using a DSP based constant amplitude SSB generator and envelope restorer - need DSP guru to join the team ;-)

- same block diagram, but for the 75.976 GHz (31k) band used in the UK

- this is my simple signal marker (71k) for testing on 76032 MHz; the signal can be copied tens of meters away ;-)

- the poor BAT-14 (33k) has not been told that it is multiplying by 32 up to 76 GHz, so it is happy ;-)

- and here is the block diagram (20k) of the marker source using a modified "vintage" PLL-LO

- here is some info on the Millimeter Wave equipment of Masatake Hemmi, JA1ATI

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Updated 15.08.2004