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HF projects:

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- wrote down a note in Finnish on the basic use of a coaxial balun and the advantages thereof

- modified a CATV modulator into a mixer to accomodate an EK070 Receiver with an EZP Panorama Display

- I really wish I had one of these for listening to Jovian radio storms - construction: Jorma J. Riihimaa, OH8PX, location: Metsähovi, photo: OH2DV, 1950 - 1960 ?

- maybe somebody can make use of my notes on killing 98 % of my HF interference with two smart moves

- photo of my yet-to-be-finalized Ham Shack RF feedthrough patch panel

- there is some very suspicious HF-stuff taking place on the corner of my property...

- this is a link to the RATS Frequency Measurement Competition technical details page (in Finnish)

- my version of the OE9PMJ 50 MHz transverter, Po = 20 W PEP, Nf = 1 dB ( outside and inside )

- GaAs-FET experimental LNA's for troposcatter communication on the 50 MHz band

- more detail on one of the 50 MHz LNA's here

- high third order intercept ( + 32 dBm ) mixer using quadrature FET ring mixer for 50 MHz

- the SSPA is a modified commercial meteor scatter PA now giving 200 W PEP on SSB on 50 MHz

- an active preselector + antenna tuning unit for my Drake R7A

- a remotely tunable magnetic low noise loop antenna for HF - perfect for the city dweller !

- working on ideas for experimental 137 kHz equipment

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Updated 19.01.2019