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- some notes on modifying surplus NERA PLL LO's for millimetrewave use (in Finnish)

- the DD8BD mixer concept (here for 76 GHz) appears to be a very easy way to get started on 122 and 241 GHz

- putting together hardware for 122 GHz, but still need to build the mixers and devise some antennas too

- this same topology will also be used for 241 GHz experimenting by simply using different LO's and a different highpass filter

- added a block diagram of an alternative LO concept for 249 GHz band transverters, with CB IF or with Belcom Liner 15 21 MHz IF

-obviously there will be reciprocral SSB phase noise issues on receive, but hey, this is amateur radio ;-)

- a photo of my first mixer and another photo of the active LO tripler with waveguide isolator and E-bend

- and an overall view of my experimental 122 GHz subharmonic mixer, DD8BD style

- experimental 120 GHz Gunn oscillator tests (blew my Gunn diode in the Autumn of 2010 - help anyone ?)

- feasability study and beginning experiments on EER/PLL-SSB for 75/120 GHz

- this is still ongoing with New Force, but now using the Bochum "Meinzer HELAPS/Bessel Method" of SSB generation

- even firing up some old Russian Klystrons for SSB doubling to 136 GHz and doubling to 122 GHz ;-)

- Considering an SSB tripler (43k) to 76.032 GHz using a DSP based constant amplitude SSB generator and envelope restorer - need DSP guru to join the team ;-)

- same block diagram, but for the 75.976 GHz (31k) band used in the UK

- here is some info on the Millimeter Wave equipment of Masatake Hemmi, JA1ATI

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Updated 13.01.2019